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Dance and Musical Theater Classes

 Our belief about teaching the arts is not only providing training for those who are serious about learning but also to just have fun! We teach proper technique, terminology, body awareness, and and appreciation for the arts. Our goal is that students will not only find a love for the arts but also build healthy habits and self-esteem. Skills that will be helpful to them for the rest of their lives!

 2012 Summer Camps and Dance Classes!

Mayer Arts Offers many musical theater themed summer camps and weekly dance classes at each of our locations. Please click on the location nearest you below to see what we have to offer. Come dance and sing with us!

Meg and Zoe

2012-2013 Schedule is Here!

You can now see what we are offering for this school year. You will be able to register once the catalog for your community is available for fall classes.

Please click here for your location's session dates and performance reminders

 Woodbury Parks and Recreation

9:30-10:00  Dance With Me!  18 mo-4yrs 
10:15-11:00 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years
11:00-11:30 MVP for Boys 3-6 years
5:15-6:00 Musical Theater 3-6 years
6:00-7:00 Musical Theater 5-7 years
7:00-8:00 Musical Theater 8-12 years


 Maplewood Parks and Recreation





Ballet / Tap

3-4 years


Ballet / Tap

4-5 years


Wish Upon a Ballet

3-5 years

11:45-12:45  Ballet / Tap  6-9 years 





Hip Hop / Tap

5-8 years


Hip Hop

7-8 years


Hip Hop

9-13 years

9:30-10:00 MVP for Boys 3-6 years
10-10:45  Wish Upon a Ballet  3-6 years 
11-11:30  Dance With Me! 18 mo - 4 years

 Blaine Parks and Recreation

9-12 Musical Theater Camps 3-12 years


 Shoreview Parks and Recreation

10-10:45 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years
5:45-6:30 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years
6:30-7:15  Wish Upon a Ballet  3-6 years 


  Burnsville Community Ed

10-10:45 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years
Monday Performance Classes  
4:30-5:15  Ballet / Tap 3-5 years 
5:15-6:00 Hip Hop / Tap 6-8 years
6:00-6:45  Ballet / Tap 6-8 years
6:45-7:30  Hip Hop / Tap  9-13
Thursday Recreational Classes  
4:30-5:15  Ballet / Tap 3-5 years
5:15-6:00  Hip Hop / Tap 6-8 years
6:00-6:45  Hip Hop  9-13 years 


 Prior Lake - Savage Community Ed

10-10:45 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years

 Inver Grove Heights Parks and Recreation

10:30-11:15 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years
11:15-11:45 Dance With Me! 18 mo-4 years
1:30-3:30 Musical Theater Camps 3-12 years



Edina Community Education

4:30-5:30 Hip Hop / Tap 5-7 years
5:30-6:30 Hip Hop 8-12 years
6:30-7 Tap 8-12 years
9:15-10 Jazz and Tap 3-5 years
10-11 Hip Hop 10-14 years
11-11:45 Tap 10-14 years

Please take a look at the catalog for school break camps!

Bloomington Community Education 


11:15-12:00 Wish Upon a Ballet 3-6 years



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